Be & Receive!

be for no other reason, than to feel life flow through you…
~ unattached ~
~ surrendered ~
~ free~

Connect to the alchemy of WATer to support the flow of your divine presence so that you are able to freely receive all that the universe has to gift you.

Water carries the truest expression of your transformation, your story, your vulnerability and magnetically creates connection between you and your SOUL STREAM CLIENTS. The energetic codes of ABUNDANCE are carried through Water and guide the flow of SACRED CASH to and through your business. It’s your intuition activator and facilitates the natural flow of energy and movement.

Join Nicky Hartel for THE QUANTUM WEALTH ACTIVATION and be supported in feeling your internal waters alchemizing, so that your business expands into a wildly abundant portal for your soul’s purest, sparkling expression (like crystal-clear water glistening in the sun).

So that you can experience the internal abundance in your cells (of which you are 50-60% water), and feel how that flows out into your external reality in the form of:

💧Deepened impact, and YES…
💧Sacred Cash

Connect into the Energy of Water and Flow, which holds the beautiful Energy of Surrender. Surrender into being, being in your wholeness, in your fullness, Loving and accepting every aspect of who you are, and being, Surrendered in full Trust.

When you are truly surrendered, that is when all of the information, downloads, “aha” moments freely flow. These expansive ideas that are birthed into your business, they just ‘whoah’, and it ignites you to take beautifully aligned action in full Trust and Surrender.


The Energy of Water which is very much connected to our intuition, connected to our emotions. When you allow that Alchemy to flow through you, I’ve found that number one, it’s incredibly Abundant.

Monthly activation details:

wednesday 23rd nov
the quantum wealth activation

Join this month Activation!

sacred magnetic frequency activations
investment options

once off drop in

$97/per activation

embodied expansion activations

the magnetic membership

$55 monthly instalment


activated Magnetic Membership

each monthly activation is a divine download channeled from spirit.

We connect with power of Elemental Alchemy to support you in the areas of confidence, creating content, attraction & selling, wealth creation and expression as you lean into the next level in your business.

These Activations hold the ENERGETIC VIBRATION for your Messaging, Marketing, Branding, Selling, Content Creation, Visibility, Magnetic Attraction and so much more!

our baseline activations include (not limited to)
cellular calibrations for:


Elemental Fire Alchemy

content creation

client attraction
& selling

sacred cash

soul expression

an energetic embodiment of your
sacred frequency of manifestation.


meet your soul activations guide and
founder of the embodied expansion methodology™

Hi Soul Friend,
I’m Nicky

Nicky Hartel

nicky hartel is a business healer, elemental alchemist and a leader in mastering Manifestation and energetic activations.

She has supported a multitude of clients over the years to turn their business into the physical manifestation of their soul’s mission; so that they create an abundance of impact AND income.

Her Embodied Expansion Methodology™ focuses on both the soul and the strategy, the alignment, the action, the inspiration AND the implementation!

All SPIRIT-LED and designed to help you manifest your next level without using the typical Law of Attraction techniques. Grounded in releasing any energetic blocks so you can feel your soul’s clarity rising to the surface supporting you in taking spirit-led action.

Her work is divinely intuited, gentle but powerfully effective. She supports clients to move from talking about how they wish to create massive impact in the world to actually BEING the change and LIVING out their soul’s mission here on Earth.

The result? An expansive, feel-good business where you get paid to be the most natural version of you. No-one else BUT you! You get to run your business, your way. You break out of the old paradigm and courageously trail-blaze into un-chartered territory. Master your energy and master the next level in your business.

The next level in your business is already here, hello quantum field! Nicky supports you to open up space for you to energetically hold it ALL! It’s not about adding a new strategy; it’s not about changing your copy; it’s not about shifting your ad campaigns or adjusting your brand. It’s simply tapping into your own magic, your own genius, your own energy, which opens the doorway to your Magnetism.

Work with energy to create your Magnetism, any which way your heart desires!

tap into the quantum field and supercharge your magnetism with previous soul activations.

un-VisioniNg activation $72

Access the pre-recorded, Un-Visioning Activation where you will use the Element of Fire to burn down not only your fears but also your desires.

burn. burn. burn

Nicky guides you through a powerful energetic process of unshackling from old visions as you ignite what you can’t even see … expanding beyond the beyond to the depths and expanse of your true potential in your business.

This activation is not for the faint of heart as it uses fire to burn and release. You will tap into the Quantum and connect to your untethered expression.

For wild expansion and an awakening into new territory in your biz, access this powerful Un-Visioning Activation.

the reclamation activation $72

Access the pre-recorded, Reclamation Activation and use the Element of AIR, to guide you, in connecting to the UNSEEN parts of you that have been lost or forgotten along the way.

blow. blow. blow

Nicky guides you through a powerful energetic process, letting content flows out of you like a waterfall. Ideas flow in and out with your pure MAGNETISM.

  • Let the puzzle pieces of you start dropping in.
  • Your clarity blows in.
  • You feel your truth clicking in to your cells.
  • Aligning your heart chakra with your throat chakra.
  • Show up on FB lives in your Aligned and Magnetic Embodiment.
  • Write posts through your Aligned and Magnetic Energy.
  • Speak at your next event in your Aligned and Magnetic Expression.
  • Write your book from your Aligned and Magnetic Expansion.

claim your awakend next level and activate your magnetic frequency of manifestation for soul and biz expansion!

The Magnetic Membership

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